Garden and Landscape Design Services

Welcome. We love garden design. A well-designed outdoor space compliments your home, creates a place for you to relax and your kids to play, and provides so many reasons for you to get outside and connect with yourself, your family and the healing benefits of nature.

 Our unique design process is holistic, in-depth and responsive to your lifestyle and home landscape. We believe good design is life-enhancing. We take the time to get to know our clients, their preferences and the details and idiosyncrasies of their existing landscape.

Our technical expertise as landscape architects and artistic aspirations as garden designers ensures that the process with be fun, creative, practical and that the outcome - your design - will be the solution your landscape has been waiting for.

Our designs are perfect for DIYers who will use the plans as a guide to implement their outdoor space over time OR the plans can be used to get competitive quotes from landscape contractors and instruct the construction proces.

Our Design Process:

  1. Consultation - an in-depth inquiry into your aesthetic preferences, lifestyle, budget, wishlist and maintenance needs.

  2. Site Inventory and assessment to understand sun, shade, drainage, soil, wind patterns, microclimate and existing vegetation.

  3. Draft Concept Designs - sketches, images, models. We use visual tools like Pinterest and 3-D modeling to enrich the design process and review it together to get it just right.

  4. Landscape Master Plan - We bring it all together with a design that makes the most of your land, budget and wish list. We provide a landscape plan that you can install yourself or with contractors, all at once or phased over time. 

  5. Construction Support (optional). We will provide support during the construction process by getting several quotes from trusted contractors and coordinating implementation to ensure a smooth process and exceptional results.


 Garden and Landscape Design Services:

Landscape Consultation Halifax - Naturalistic Garden

Design Consultation

A consultation with Ange Dean is the first stage in the design process. We'll walk your property, discus design ideas and solve landscape issues.

We will review your wish list, and images you have gathered for the consult, to get a sense of your aesthetic preferences.

Following the consult we will provide a project proposal that outlines the process, timeline and cost to complete your custom design package. 

Consultations are with Ange Dean and usually last 1 to 1.5 hours. They are followed by a design proposal if you are interested in proceeding with garden design services.

In preparation for the consult please consider site issues, wish list of activities and landscape elements, and images of landscapes and interiors that capture your landscape vision.

Fee: Within HRM and the South Shore, consultations are $150 + HST. Consults in other areas of Nova Scotia have a fee added for travel. Please contact us for pricing.

Skype consultations are available for North American and International clients.

Landscape Design Halifax - Plan

Garden Design Package

This package includes all that you need to create your dream home landscape on your own or with a contractor.

Package includes:

- Site Inventory and Analysis and creation of scaled base plan

- Draft Concept Designs and review session

- Final Landscape Package which includes:

       - Landscape Master Plan (CAD drawing)

       - Planting Plan + Plant List which show exact          placement variety and number of plants

       - Material recommendations and product                  specifications document 

       - Other technical plans available as needed:             Lighting plan, grading plan, layout plan,                 element details, etc.

Fees: $1000 to $1500+ dependent on location, property size, design features and required technical details. We will provide a proposal with a set fee and process following a consultation

Landscape Architect - Halifax - Tatamagouche Landscape Design

Planting Design Package

For those of you who already have a concept plan  or who are looking for planting design rather than hardscape design. This package is included in the Full Garden Design Package (above). 

Package Includes:

- Planting Plan

- Plant List

Fees: $600 to $1000+ dependent on location, property size and complexity of plantings. We will provide a proposal with a set fee and process following a consultation.

Landscape Architect Halifax Design

New Construction Site Plans

Our services include providing construction documents for siting the house, laying out important elements - including driveways and septic systems, grading and landscape design.

We can help you plan and design your dream home, take advantage of great views, maintain existing vegetation and balance cut and fill.

On coastal sites we work with innovative ecological techniques (living shorelines) that are an attractive economical alternative, or addition, to rock walls to strengthen the barrier between your property and the ocean.

By planning right from the start, you’ll end up with a beautiful property that saves you money, compliments your home and suits your lifestyle.

Contact us today to get started on making your dream landscape a reality.