What, Exactly, is Restorative Design?

So what is restorative design?

Here are some common misconceptions:

  • It’s ecological restoration: restoring places that have been damaged to their natural conditions. 
  • Or maybe it means historical restoration: restoring built elements to a specific time period. 
  • I’ve also heard from a carpenter friend that restorative work can be cleaning up a basement after a flood, for example.

At Land Studio East we design restorative landscapes, which are kind of like restorative yoga, if you’re familiar with that. We restore you. Mind, body and spirit.

So many people in our society are exhausted, overwhelmed, and just plain fried.

We create environments that help you find your ground. Help you relax. Connect you to your senses through connecting with nature. 

This connection brings you into the present moment and allows your parasympathetic nervous system to kick in. When in this state your body actually heals itself: both your body and your brain. From this place you can go back into the world and be more effective at what you do.

Restorative design has so much to do with making people feel safe - so they can relax, and creating moments of sensory engagement and delight - so they’re in the present moment. 

We also design therapeutic environments for specific users groups - the elderly, veterans, the mentally ill - which have very clear parameters. We integrate these guidelines, in a subtle way, into all of our designs.

Restorative environments can be peaceful and meditative or bold and vibrant. We all have different comfort zones based on our ideal level of stimulation. Within, our process we get to know you and your unique needs. We design the right environment for you or your clients - be that a Zen garden or the perfect dinner party terrace.

So that’s it. Here at Land Studio East, it’s all about restoring you. 

We offer consultations and full design services to make your landscape more restorative. We’d love to discuss ways for you to up your environment’s wellness quotient. Book a consult here.

photo: desiretoinspire.net