Ange Dean, Principal                                                                                   

Ange is the principal landscape architect at Land Studio East.  She brings extensive experience working as a landscape architect and community planner on projects throughout Canada. Her passion for wellness and love of design inspired her to leave the confines of typical office life and start a firm with a holistic approach and a focus on well-being. In 2013, Land Studio East was born.

An award-winning designer, Ange has worked in the field of landscape architecture and community planning since 2005. She received an honours degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph and went on to work for several design firms in Nova Scotia and Ontario contributing to a variety of landscape architecture and planning projects that include residential design, site engineering and master planning, project management, therapeutic design and First Nation community planning.

Although she knew she wanted to approach projects with a more integrated, holistic approach, Ange was delighted that many of the projects she was assigned at past firms fell under the realm of wellness: the master plan for Brigadoon, a camp for kids with chronic illness; numerous assisted living facilities and hospitals throughout Nova Scotia that include therapeutic courtyards, gardens and landscapes; master plans for urban and community agriculture projects and work with several First Nation communities to develop healing centres, retreats and landscapes that support health and wellness.

Through her work in the field, her study of evidence-based therapeutic design (EBD) as well as a number of alternative design modalities, combined with her experience as a lifelong gardener, yogi and nature lover, Ange developed a holistic approach to land planning and design.

She creates exceptionally beautiful spaces, that respond to the complex needs of the user and the intricacies of the site. These spaces restore the spirit, help you connect with yourself and nature, and, essentially, make you feel really good.

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‘Sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.’
— joseph campbell