Brigadoon Village Master Plan, Aylesford Lake, NS

Brigadoon Village is a summer camp facility developed for kids with Chronic illness that functions as a retreat centre in the off-season. The camp is on a 40 hectare hectare site on Aylesford Lake, near Kentville, NS. It is a state-of-the-art facility in a natural setting that supports kids with chronic illness to connect with the wilderness in a safe, yet empowering, way. It was designed for safety, accessibility, to enhance nature connection and to challenge children to move beyond the limitations often placed upon them because of their illness.

The camp is programmed for a variety of user groups, including camps for cancer patients, the visually impaired, those with epilepsy, cardiac issues, asthma and other illnesses.

Brigadoon is a place for these kids to have a real summer camp experience; to connect with nature, other campers and expand their perception of what is possible.

Ange led the development of the master plan while at Vollick McKee Petersmann as a consultant to Nycum Architects, the project architects. Ange was involved in selecting the camp site, siting buildings and developing the entire site design from concept development through detailed design.

The camp master plan includes accommodation for 140 people, a dining hall, medical clinic, ancillary buildings for arts and crafts, sports facilities including a soccer field, playground, trails, docs for boating and swimming and trails connecting the facility and leading to out-of-the-way discovery places like woodland fire circle pits and forest look-offs.