Dalhousie University Children's Centre, Halifax, NS

The Children’s Centre playspace is an outdoor activity area for children enrolled in the centre’s programs. Its whimsical design includes an ornate wooden gazebo, play structure, climbing rocks, a sandbox and terraced walls with in-set cedar benches.

The plantings include edible species and those chosen for their strong geometric forms and year round interest.

This project was developed while Ange was with Vollick McKee Petersmann and also includes two entry plazas for the Life Sciences Centre and a large storm sewer addition from the building to South Street, as well as circulation and lighting in the area. Ange completed the detailed design for this project and acted as project manager throughout project construction.

Most of the photos below are from 2013, four years after construction. We’re happy to say that the constructed elements are in the same condition as the day they were installed, despite over 4 years of intense play.